How to upgrading and replacing original car speakers to enhance audio Performance?

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Upgrading original car speakers is a great way to enhance audio performance and enjoy superior sound quality in your vehicle. Cadence IQ Series offers an affordable and ideal solution for replacing original car speakers on the market today. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Cadence IQ Series speakers.

Upgrade Your Sound System with Entry-Level Car Audio
Upgrade Your Sound System with Entry-Level Car Audio

Affordable and Ideal Choice:

Cadence IQ Series stands out as the most affordable and ideal choice for replacing original car speakers. These speakers provide excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Improved Sound Quality and Volume:

With power ratings ranging from 30W/75W to 60W/150W RMS/Peak Power (Each) and SPL levels ranging from 87dB to 90dB, the IQ Series offers better sound quality and increased volume compared to original speakers. This upgrade allows you to enjoy your favorite music with enhanced clarity and depth.

Easy Installation:

Upgrading your car speakers with Cadence IQ Series is a breeze. These speakers are designed to fit seamlessly into your vehicle without the need to replace the original wiring or amplifier. This simplifies the installation process while significantly improving your car’s audio system.

Wide Range of Sizes:

Cadence IQ Series is available in a full range of sizes, including 4″, 5-1/4″, 6-1/2″, 6-3/4″, and 6″x9″. This wide range of options ensures compatibility with various car models, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Coaxial and Triaxial Designs:

Cadence IQ Series offers both coaxial and triaxial speaker designs. These designs allocate different audio frequencies to dedicated speaker units, resulting in cleaner sound reproduction. The speakers deliver balanced and accurate audio across the entire frequency spectrum.

Component Kit for Custom Sound Staging:

For those seeking even more control over their sound experience, Cadence IQ Series Component Kit is an excellent choice. This kit includes a 6-1/2″ woofer, crossover, and tweeter, enabling you to position the bass and treble for optimal sound staging. It allows for a more personalized and immersive audio experience in your vehicle.

The Best Choice for Speaker Replacement:

When it comes to replacing your original car speakers, Cadence IQ Series is the best choice. It combines affordability, performance, and easy installation, making it a top pick for anyone seeking to upgrade their car audio system.

Grille-less Design for Hidden Speakers:

If your original car speakers are hidden within the door trim, Cadence IQ GE Series speakers with a grille-less design are the perfect solution. This design not only delivers exceptional sound quality but also saves you on additional costs for upgrading speaker grilles.


Upgrading and replacing original car speakers with Cadence IQ Series is a smart investment that enhances audio performance in your vehicle. With a range of sizes, coaxial and triaxial designs, and the option for a component kit, Cadence IQ Series provides an unmatched listening experience. Choose Cadence IQ Series and enjoy a superior audio journey on the road right now!

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