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How to choose Car Audio? 6 Tips before purchasing

A car is a kind of mobile house, many people “live” in the car even more than at home! Most drivers pay attention to the comfortable driving environment. Of Course, they also pay great attention to the audio effect in the car. If you want to own beautiful music, you must choose the right car audio system for your car. Let’s get the 6 tips before purchasing.

Installation of Cadence Sound Speakers
Installation of Cadence Sound Speakers

1. Consider your own needs

You need to consider your favorite music. Car audio is divided into 2 categories:

– based on sound quality, such as classical, symphonic, pop songs, etc.

– the energetic type, such as disco, rock, DJ, etc.

2. Select the vehicle situation

It is necessary to consider the specific situation of the vehicle when you choose car audio. According to the class and installation location of the vehicle, as well as the size and space in the car.

Size of the Cadence Sound “IQ Series” speakers
Size of the Cadence Sound “IQ Series” speakers

3. Budget

Different classes of audio, different prices as well. You must consider your economic budget to make a decision.

4. Audio Brand

Choosing a regular brand is a method to eliminate troubles! If there were any quality problems, you can be warranted, replaced, and returned.

5. Audio classes

Most of the audio is divided into 3 classes: high-end audio, mid-fi audio, and low-end audio.

The main feature of high-end audio is a well-designed appearance, such as color display, flip panel, etc. It also requires the performance indicators and functions such as using BBE (Barcus Berry Electronics, improve the clarity of the sound system), SFEQ (Sound Focus Equalizer, audio, and video positioning equalizer), DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer, creates a vivid sound as virtual effect), DRC (dynamic range compression, adjusts the amplification), and other advanced technologies.

Mid-fi audio is less functional than high-end audio, but almost the same as high-end audio performance.

The low-end audio is a bit lower in functionality and performance, but it’s good enough for the general consumer.

4 product levels of Cadence Sound: Performance-IQ Series, Ultra Performance-Q series, Advanced Performance-QR Series, Professional-QRS Series
4 product levels of Cadence Sound: Performance-IQ Series, Ultra Performance-Q series, Advanced Performance-QR Series, Professional-QRS Series

6. Audio matching

The power of the amplifier should be higher than the power indicated by the speaker. If the amplifier’s power is low, it will burn out when using the high-power output for a long time. It also leads to faults such as poor sound quality and distortion. For example, if the total indicated power of all horns is 100 watts, the amplifier’s power must be between 100 and 150 watts to have a good match.

Do you like this sharing? Cadence Sound offers more than audio products, contact us if you have any ideas about car audio.

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